HooYa! Anime-art Network / 同人誌P2Pネットワーク

by Wesley Coakley

I've stopped working on HooYa!... for now...
I am doing other interesting things instead.

HooYa! is a P2P community providing persistent image storage and community-sourced metadata tagging. It aspires to be completely autonomous and self-governing by issuing its own governance tokens for use in image proposal / acceptance and metadata tagging. It also seeks to incentivize the on-chain creation / minting of new artworks by dojin artists via its native token HOOYA.

HooYa! is a direct competitor to centralized services like Danbooru and to loosely-networked programs like Hydrus. All contracts and code are open-source and anyone can contribute to core network code or provide extensions leveraging the core APIs.

Currently development is a one-man-versus-the-world model. More than anything else ideas and feedback are very welcome at this early stage o(〃^▽^〃)o

On the network, initially dōjin art is supplied by users on the network and queries are routed with a Kademlia DHT (Testing stage). A tagset from Danbooru will bootstrap this network's vocabulary. Eventually the DHT will evolve to incorporate Freenet / IPFS-like features such as permanent, encrypted storage for dōjin art over Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) addressable on the network (Beta and Mainnet).

In beta stage, the Future Mainnet network explores blockchain integration for establishing governance and voting on network taxonomy. Image rejection / acceptance to the network is also established here